Low Carb Living, Made Easy

Derived from the sap of a coconut flower, coconut nectar is a low carb sweetener that seamlessly marries taste and health. Unadulterated by refining processes, this golden elixir is the perfect choice for those trying to manage their blood sugar. And in case you’re wondering - it doesn’t taste like coconuts! It tastes like just maple syrup. 


When creating our low-carb cookie recipes, we take ingredient selection very seriously! We want our low sugar cookies to taste fantastic, but also empower you with health. 

Lowering Sugar Spikes

Say goodbye to the rollercoaster ride of blood sugar levels! Coconut nectar has a very unique quality – a modest amount of inulin, a soluble fiber crucial in mitigating post-meal blood sugar spikes. Enjoy a steady, sustained release of energy, whether you're indulging in a gluten-free breakfast cookie or use it as a vegan soft cookie pre-workout snack.

Maintaining a healthy blood sugar level is pivotal to a balanced lifestyle. Coconut nectar's low glycemic index ensures a gradual rise in blood sugar, thwarting the abrupt spikes linked to refined sugars. Blood sugar balance helps weight loss, energy levels, hormone production, and more. 

Nutrients in Every Bite

Craving something sweet doesn’t have to be a guilt-ridden affair. Our low-carb cookies made with coconut nectar bring more to the table than just sweetness; it's a nutritional powerhouse. Bursting with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, it brings an abundance of nutrients to our low sugar cookies. 

Now, your guilty pleasure becomes a guilt-free delight.

It contains nutrients like zinc, magnesium, B vitamins, Vitamin C, and potassium. 

In comparison to other sweeteners, it truly packs the nutrient punch for our gluten-free cookies! 

Make the Switch, Embrace the Sweetness

Who said healthy can't be delicious? Coconut nectar introduces a rich, caramel-like flavor, making it our not-so-secret ingredient. Ever wonder how we keep our vegan soft cookies moist with an unforgettable texture? Now you know.

Your taste buds will thank you, and so will your body. Now that’s Empowered eating!

Coconut nectar is more than just a sweetener – it's a lifestyle choice. With its all-natural composition, rich nutrient profile, low glycemic index, and unparalleled flavor, coconut nectar is our hero here at Empowered Cookie.