Are Plant-Based Cookies Healthy?

Consider yourself a healthy eater? Ever find it hard to discover snacks that marry delectability with nourishment? We do. In fact, that's exactly what spawned our entire vault of vegan cookie recipes! We prioritize low sugar, high fiber, and healthy fats to craft recipes for you – check out our latest and greatest plant-based dessert… Blood Orange Vegan Cookie Bars

Featuring our very own, Lemon Lavender Poppy Seed vegan cookies. They are a perfect way to elevate your Empowered Cookies. Over in our corner of the internet, we want to empower you to be your healthiest, happiest self…. And this recipe does just that. It tastes like sunshine when we need it most, during these dreary winter months. Enjoy immune-boosting blood orange citrus with notes of lemon and lavender from our Vegan soft cookies

Blood Orange No-Bake Bars

Total Time: 10-15 Minutes

  1. Place 4 Lemon Lavender Empowered Cookies into a mixing bowl or Cuisinart.
  2. Add 6 dates (pits removed) + 3 Tblsp warm water
  3. Mix or blend until a dough-like consistency forms
  4. Place a layer of parchment in a 9x9 square baking pan, and then press the dough into the bottom.

Blood Orange Drizzle:

  1. Squeeze juice from 4 blood oranges over a strainer into a bowl containing ½ cup powdered sugar. 
  2. Add ¼ cup milk of choice + 2 Tbsp melted butter to the blood orange mixture.
  3. Whisk until there are no lumps. 
  4. Pour over vegan cookie dough and refrigerate for 1 hour or until the drizzle has set.

Slice bars & enjoy!

Here’s Why eating Plant-based is so important for your health:

  1. Helps you eat Less Sugar

   Plants are nature's candy. 

We get it, you have a sweet tooth. Us too! 

Solution: Plant based cookies.

The name of the game is eating desserts that love you back. Reach for plant based cookies with minimal ingredients. Look for low carb cookies that contain protein AND fiber AND healthy fat. Eating less sugar helps maintain energy levels, balance hormone health and improves your immunity. Our low carb cookies pack protein, fiber and healthy fats in every bite- which is the trifecta for achieving healthy blood sugar levels. Want more sustained energy? Eat less sugar, my friends! Keep Empowered Cookies in your glove compartment so you don’t find yourself in a jam.

  1. Eating plant-based Reduces Inflammation 

    Inflammation is at the root of dozens of conditions that negatively affect your health. If you can do just one thing to feel and look better, nutritionists suggest removing foods that cause inflammation… such as sugar, wheat, dairy and meat products. Sound familiar? Yep you guessed it: Empowered Cookies. It took us 3 months to perfect our Vegan soft cookies recipe because we refused to use inflammatory ingredients like butter, flour and sugar. Instead we use almond flour and ground flax seeds to give our plant based cookies a soft baked, fresh out of the oven taste and texture. We’re here to help you find simple ways to get more plants into your diet.

  1. Fiber…. We all need more of it.

    Did you know that a whopping 95% of Americans do not get enough fiber in their diet? Wow. The world needs Empowered Cookies! Eating our Plant based cookies adds 5g of fiber to the suggested 25-30 grams/day needed to maintain healthy bodily functions. Fiber is crucial for your gut biome and digestion, and most importantly - it helps flush the body of toxins. Studies show that people who consume more fiber have lower cholesterol, reduced risk of cancer and better blood sugar control.

  Empowered Cookies are here to help you eat more plants… because it’s true, plants come in all shapes and sizes, and plant based cookies are a thing! In fact, there are dozens of customers  like you who are sinking their teeth into our vegan soft cookies right now. Anyone else's body weight consist of Empowered Cookies? Stay strong, eat plants and snack on!