Pumpkin Chai Ginger Cookies, anyone?

Healthy Holiday Cookie Guide

The Holidays are meant to be indulgent, generous, and full of joy! The only problem is that it comes with a wave of tempting treats. For those of us committed to a healthier lifestyle, navigating the cookie-laden landscape can be a challenge. 

Fear not! 

We’re here to guide you through a delightful journey of guilt-free, health-conscious holiday cookies that will satisfy your sweet tooth and support your goal of reducing sugar so you can feel vibrant this Holiday season.

Navigating Cravings and Celebrating Health

Understanding your cravings is crucial to your health journey. Cravings often stem from a desire for comfort and joy. We totally get it, food can be emotional and nostalgic, especially this time of year! Remember: it’s entirely possible to satisfy your cravings with treats that nourish both body and soul, without leaving you feeling depleted. We are mindful of our ingredient choices for exactly this reason! We want to give you that homemade feeling plus the perks of eating grain-free, gluten-free, and low-carb.

How do we do this? Allow us to introduce you to Almond flour, it is the first ingredient in all of our cookies. It provides a nutrient-rich alternative to traditional flour, giving you a dose of healthy fats and a lower carbohydrate content. If you eat treats with protein, healthy fats, and fiber- it not only helps with satiety but also helps prevent blood sugar spikes and crashes. This means better energy levels, metabolism, and balanced hormones. 

Feeling your best this time of year can be hard because we’re pulled in so many directions. That’s where we come in. Sweet treats you can grab on your way out the door! Holiday cookies that capture the spirit of the season and align seamlessly with your commitment to a healthier, brighter you. Introducing, our two limited edition flavors:

Pumpkin Chai Ginger Molasses

Imagine if pumpkin pie and gingerbread had a baby! It’s soft and chewy with warm, seasonal spices that scream snuggle season. Plus there’s no refined sugar so you can stay cozy without the dreaded sugar overload. Perfectly paired with hot cider after a walk in a winter wonderland. 

Peppermint Double Chocolate Chunk

Sink your teeth into bright and refreshing, rich chocolatey Holiday heaven…  sure to leave you feeling merry! Satisfy your chocolate cravings with large chunks of chocolate that pair perfectly with a refreshing kick of peppermint. Truly a delightful, guilt-free holiday treat.

Both cookies pack 5-7 grams of plant-based protein plus 5-6 grams of fiber. Talk about a win-win! Our macros are designed to keep you fuller longer so you can keep cravings at bay.

Treat yourself to the joy of delicious cookies while staying true to your health goals. Our plant-based cookies are the perfect treat to savor your favorite festive flavors this Holiday season. What are you waiting for? Add these to your shopping cart today and revel in the season with guilt-free indulgence!