No, our cookies contain no refined added sugar or sugar alcohols

Yes, we are suitable for diabetics. Coconut Nectar, the sweetener we use, rates a low 35 on the Glycemic Index and when combined with the high fiber, protein and fat in our recipe - the result is a very low insulin resistance. We proudly partner with the Diabetic Association of America

Coconut nectar is a deliciously oozing caramel-coloured sweet sap; similar to maple syrup except it contains much less sugar. Coconut Nectar is derived from the sap from a coconut flower and is minimally processed

Our cookies are made in a licensed Gluten-free kitchen

Our cookies have a 6 month shelf life at room temperature. You may freeze them to prolong the shelf life, just take a cookie out at night if you'd like to have it for breakfast

There is ZERO corn or soy in our cookies