Our Ingredients

How is every cookie baked to soft, fluffy and moist perfection? Because we bake with only the best! Meet the ingredients we've chosen as the base for all of our cookies, selected for both their nutritional density and baking performance.


Almond meal

Our rock star! The base for all of our Paleo products, almond meal is the perfect flour-replacement for baking deliciously healthy, gluten-free foods. Not only does it add texture and body, it’s also a nutritional powerhouse: High in protein and healthy fats, it’s also an excellent source of vitamin E. A wide range of key minerals and B-vitamins help strengthen bones and, did you know? Cup for cup, Almond Meal provides almost as much calcium as milk.


flax meal

Just what the doctor ordered! Golden flax seed, freshly ground into flax meal, is a powerhouse of heart-healthy fiber and fat, as well as a source of powerful antioxidants called lignans. Known to promote healthy skin, healthy joints and healthy bowels, flax meal is yet another gold-medal ingredient Mother Nature gifts us with for baking delicious, nutritious pastries!



Coconut nectar

Thank you, Mother Nature, for this miracle ingredient! This mineral-rich sap is tapped from coconut trees and is one of the only natural sweeteners suitable for diabetics. With a value of 35, it ranks impressively low on the Glycemic Index scale. It is low in fructose and provides a wide spectrum of 17 essential amino acids. With its rich, malty flavor and a consistency slightly thicker than maple syrup, it’s our secret for lending a touch of nutritious sweetness to our Empowered Cookies.


Sea Salt

A cookie wouldn't be a cookie without salt. While table salt is highly processed and stripped of its essential trace minerals, sea salt is obtained naturally from the sea and does not go through any processing that alters its natural make-up. Unlike the flat, unpleasant saltiness of table salt, the full-bodied flavor of sea salt enhances the subtleties of other ingredients, helping us create the famously bold and rich flavors of our Empowered Cookies.