On food, passion, and purpose…

I’ve always been obsessed with food. From growing vegetables in my backyard, to cookie baking marathons, to having dreams of eating my way around the world. To me, food is a universal language that connects people to history and keeps traditions alive. Food tells stories and carries the soul of a culture.  It’s everything. And food has inspired me to tell my story.

Today, food is not just my art and my language, it’s also my calling. The Empowered Cookie is my contribution to improving America's food system. Healthy food saves lives and a responsible food system will heal this planet and its people. I’m on a mission: make the absolute best tasting cookie with the healthiest ingredients, and source from only ethical and sustainable supply chains. Because it’s possible. Because it’s delicious. And because it’s urgent.



“Let food be thy medicine and medicne be thy food.”



“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others”